Colliding with Destiny – Sarah Jakes (2-laatu)

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Colliding with Destiny – Sarah Jakes (2-laatu)


Huom! Varastossa 1kpl 2-laatuisena. Havaittavissa pientä kulumaa.


Are you struggling with a painful past? Jakes encourages you to take a page from the Book of Ruth! As a widow, wife, and king's great-grandmother, Ruth journeyed through loss and heartache---but never let her past define her. Discover how yesterday doesn't have to dictate tomorrow when you let God direct your path!


Kovakantinen, sidottu, irtosuojakannet

Sivuja: 224

Kustantaja: Bethany House

Julkaistu: 2014

EAN/ISBN: 9780764212116

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