The secret life of a parliamentarian – Antero Laukkanen

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The secret life of a parliamentarian – Antero Laukkanen


Social Councilor Antero Laukkanen is a pastor, Member of Parliament, and long-serving City Councilor. His path towards these roles has been an unusual one. In his earliest years of life, spent in a children’s home and with the wound of his father’s absence, he learned that the world is a tough place. But when he was 12, Laukkanen heard on a church camp that he has a loving Father in heaven, and as a young adult he traveled around the country tirelessly with the Jesus Youth.

Laukkanen advanced rapidly in working life and soon became an entrepreneur. However, his early success ended in bankruptcy in the recession of the 90s, which led to a struggle with bailiffs and the debt settlement system. In addition, the brokenness of Laukkanen’s childhood showed in tensions and problems in life, and there was a long silence in his relationship with God. When God broke the silence, a new phase of life began, along with a journey into the world of prayer.

Serious illness colored Antero Laukkanen’s last year as a Member of Parliament. But his heart’s desire to pray for Finland continued to burn bright. And so started a walker and wheelchair tour of congregations.

This book is a journey into God’s grace and faithfulness. In his hands, a life finds a new direction. The book is also an invitation to step into the invisible world of prayer, since life is best lived in God’s will.

The book has been edited by Iina Mattila, who since her childhood has been inspired by Antero Laukkanen´s life at the place where prayer and influence in society come together.



Sivuja: 204

Julkaistu: 2024

Kustantaja: Päivä osakeyhtiö

ISBN: 9789523741270

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