Fearless Daughters of the Bible – J. Lee Grady

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Fearless Daughters of the Bible – J. Lee Grady


Bestselling Author Reveals How God Empowers Women for Leadership and Purpose.

Christian women are often led to believe they are God's afterthoughts--as if they were created inferior to men or destined by God to play a secondary role in life. Not so, says bestselling author J. Lee Grady, father of four daughters and a leading international voice confronting the abuse of women. He counters that the Bible's message is neither sexist nor patronizing.

Through sharing the lives of 23 mold-breaking biblical women, Grady shows how God enables his daughters to do amazing, even impossible things. He also reveals the empowering, yet often-overlooked, gifts God longs to give each of his daughters--gifts like wisdom, fruitfulness, leadership, family, and boldness. When women learn to receive each of these, and more, as a divine inheritance, they will live the fearless and beautiful lives of purpose God desires for them. 


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Pages: 224

Publisher: Chosen Books

EAN: 9780800795313

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