Live Light – Julie True (CD)

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Live Light – Julie True (CD)


One great thing about soaking is that there is no agenda. We gather together, fix our eyes on Jesus, sync our heart with Holy Spirit and go with the flow. On this particular Sunday, we began in an unusual way by jumping into the deep end of the river with a spontaneous and energetic beginning, and continued on with an interactive musical conversation with God. It was deeply refreshing; a time of receiving insight and faith from God, and singing heartfelt declarations and worship back to Him. I believe that you will be strengthened, comforted, and encouraged as you join us in this soaking journey.

Live Light features Julie's piano and vocal plus beautiful soundscapes of cello and classical guitar. It focuses on stepping into the flow of the river, and letting go of fear and the things of this world. Julie sings about allowing all the weights of life to fall so that we can live light, holding only to Jesus.


1. Morning Joy

2. Step In, The Water´s Fine

3. Walk By Faith

4. The Beautiful Unknown

5. Live Light

6. Restin In You

7. All the Weights Are Falling

8. I Will Be Still

9. You Are Constant

10. Steady My Heart

11. No Matter What

12. Through the Veil

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