Living With A Fire – Jesus Culture (CD)


Living With A Fire – Jesus Culture (CD)

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Living With A Fire – Jesus Culture (CD)


New live worship album 'Living With A Fire was recorded at Jesus Culture's home church during their conference in Sacramento, CA and features worship leaders Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Derek Johnson and Chris McClarney. Releasing August 31st, there are three new songs - Freedom', 'Center of Your Love' and 'Living With A Fire . "It was amazing to record at our home conference again," shares Chris Quilala. "The worship that poured out by every single person in the room was contagious. I forever want my heart to burn with passion for God so the world might know the love of Christ through my life. This is the simple message of Living with a Fire. It is especially important for the church, in this time, to keep their hearts burning for Jesus and to be a light to the world. Kim Walker Smith adds, "Over the years we have poured our lives out for Jesus, fought for our relationships with Him, and also our relationships with each other. When we first started, it was a passion that ignited in our hearts that became the flame and Jesus fanned into a fire. Our prayer in the beginning was that we would never lose sight of what matters above everything else; relationship with Jesus and bringing Him glory! Now, on the verge of 20 years, we can say with conviction that our hearts are still burning for Jesus, and we are still wanting to bring Him glory, above all. This album proclaims the matchless love of Jesus and to see a generation of young and old, completely given to walking in His presence.


Published: 2018


1. Move

2. Awe

3. Not Afraid

4. Living With A Fire

5. Defender

6. Center Of Your Love

7. Freedom

8. Anointin

9. Be Crowned

10. Yes And Amen

11. Beautiful Day

12. How Amazing

13. For No Other Reason

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