Live From Canada – Roy Fields (CD)

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Live From Canada - Roy Fields (CD)


This is the first live album Roy has done with the original LAKELAND OUTPOURING WORSHIP TEAM since the Lakeland Outpouring. In September 2009 Roy and the band took a plane to Toronto Canada and held meetings at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. What was captured was raw, passionate worship and prophetic declaration over the nation of canada. If you are not Canadian, this album will lead you to cry out for your own nation. The songs on this album are: Happy Day, King of Glory, Prophetic Worship 1 & 2, My Nation God's Nation. This is not your typical worship album with clean cut 10 tracks and polished music. This album is like being in a service that will launch your faith and cause you to cry out to God for your nation not just Canada's. Tracks:


1. My Nation God´s Nation

2. Happy Day

3. King Of Glory

4. Spontaneous Worship

5. Heaven´s Sound

6. Set Me On Fire

7. My Nation God´s Nation (reprise)

8. Declaration Over Canada

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