Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture (CD)

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Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture (CD)


This CD was recorded the February 2008 Jesus Culture Encounter conference. It is considered by the youth worship community as a "must own" CD. The title track, "Your Love Never Fails", written by Chris McClarney and sung by Chris Quilala, has taken root in people's hearts all around the world. The song "Happy Day", written by Tim Hughes and Ben Cantelon, is delivered like never before with the passionate vocals of Kim Walker-Smith. The praise classic "All Consuming Fire" is wondrously sung by Melissa How. All in all, this is a definitive collection of worship songs for a new generation of worshippers.



1. Your Love Never Fails

2. Sing My Love

3. King Of Glory

4. You Won´t Relent

5. Beatiful

6. Happy Day

7. I Exalt Thee

8. Where You Go I Go

9. All Consuming Fire

10. Here Is My Heart


Julkaistu: 2008/2015

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