The First Judgment – Wendy Alec (käytetty)

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The First Judgment – Wendy Alec (käytetty)


The saga continues... Banished from heaven, Lucifer, King of Perdition, presides over hell. Fired by hatred, he has a single goal: to lure unwitting mankind into damnation. And little by little, he is succeeding. But the omens point to a shift in the balance of power. A star burns brightly over planet Earth, heralding the arrival of a child king. The Nazarene. Humiliated, Lucifer is returned to Perdition, mutinous and defiant. Summoning the councils of hell, Lucifer conspires again against the race of men. The fallen will visit the Earth. A new Messiah will be cloned - an earthly emissary to carry out his twisted plans...


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Sivuja: 440

Julkaistu: 2008

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