What About Marriage – Niilo & Päivi Räsänen (käytetty)

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What About Marriage – Niilo & Päivi Räsänen (käytetty)


"Male and female he created them." For two millennia, churches have been unanimous in the view that marriage is constituted by one woman and one man.

The Bible is not unclear or obscure in its view on marriage, but absolutely and unequivocally clear. Why is it still so difficult to discuss the issue?

The proponents of same-sex partnerships have attempted to claim the status of marriage and the acceptance of all, even that of the church, for same-sex couples. Thinking in gender-neutral terms implies the existence of many genders or a seamless continuum of gender. We believe that the aim is to break the gender system based on two different genders. It is unfortunate how uncritically this ideology has also been supported in some churches across the world.

This book is a powerful statement on marriage from a Christian perspective written by a married couple, Päivi and Niilo Räsänen. Päivi Räsänen is a physician and a Member of the Finnish Parliament. From June 2011 to May 2015 she was the Minister of the Interior of Finland. Niilo Räsänen is a Doctor of Theology and the Principal of the Finnish Lutheran Mission College. The chapters of the book can be used in discussions and church small groups.


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Sivuja: 108

Julkaistu: 2018

Koko: 169 x 139 x 9 mm, 100 g

Kustantaja: Kustannus Oy Uusi Tie

ISBN: 9789516196391

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