More Than Jus Pretty – Jessie Faerber (käytetty)

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More Than Jus Pretty – Jessie Faerber (käytetty)


Discover your true value, beauty and purporse. We´re so much more than just pretty.

Prettier. Smarter. Funnier. Thinner.

We girls know what it’s like to feel inadequate. Despite our best efforts, we constantly compare ourselves to the models in magazines, the selfies we see on Instagram, and even our closest friends. But we’re worth so much more than what we tell ourselves. 

Our value doesn’t come from our grades, our body shape, our past, or the number of likes on our latest social media post. We’re so much more than just pretty. We’re pretty funny, pretty kind, pretty ambitious, and all round pretty great. And it’s time we knew it. 

Join Jessie and discover even more about who you are and who you’re created to be. 


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Sivuja: 124

EAN: 9780281077861

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